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Our new website to shop online for all Jalpur branded products and other groceries is now live. Here you will find our full range of products delivered direct to your door, so what are you waiting for visit NOW!

You will be able to purchase Jalpur branded pickles in the very near future, so please keep a lookout for the newest addition to our product range. Also please revisit our website to receive news of further new products to be launched under the Jalpur brand in the future.
About Us
Jalpur Millers was established in 1976 with two family members with a few small milling devices and a small retail outlet on Harrison Road, Leicester. The business was established to manufacture and retail flours and spices using a traditional method using homemade recipes. Over the years the brand started to create its place in the market as being a brand with quality product range, which required us to wholesale within and out of the Leicester area and move to larger premises and increase our manufacturing machinery for increased production.

We use the highest quality raw materials which produces the highest quality flours and spices to the final consumer. We grind these flours and spices using stone milling, which is the most finest and traditional method of grinding, so all our products will seem like they have all been made at home. Our brand has been established for over 30 years therefore it is a widely recognised and trusted brand.

As the company reached a decade of trading, one of the original owners was joined by his two younger brothers to expand the business further and create a respectable family business. As UK’s Asian population grew during the 1980’s and 1990’s so did the companies sales and demands.

Jalpur Millers has now separated its manufacturing division and its retail division to form two companies, Jalpur Millers (Wholesale) Ltd and Jalpur Millers Cash & Carry. The wholesale company manufactures over 20 varieties of flours, for which we can proudly state to be UK’s only company to manufacture in-house that many varieties of different ethnic flours. The company wholesales nationwide, mainly to re-wholesalers who provide to smaller retail outlets throughout UK, that stock our products.

We also export to USA, Canada and parts of Europe, mainly Portugal. And last but not least we have been supplying some of our product lines to Tesco Superstores since 2004 and looking to continue building our long term business relationship with Tesco’s.

Jalpur Millers Cash & Carry is our sister company which is our retail outlet where the consumers have been purchasing their food requirements for over 30 years. This outlet also carries English and other Indian groceries, not Jalpur branded, for our customers convenience and requirements.

Jalpur Millers, as a whole, is continuing to grow by diversifying into different food markets and changing according to customer and market demands. As most companies are doing, we are facing new challenges all the time but our company is established enough to overcome and resolve all these challenges and focus on our customer needs, demands and service. We are also looking at furthering our field to enter into more supermarkets with our current and future new product ranges.

We aim to provide the best quality products at the best possible prices, given the worldwide price increases of food commodities, increasing fixed costs and inflation, and aim to provide the best customer service standards and welcome all feedback, positive and negative. In the rare event of a negative feedback we treat and resolve the matter as a matter of urgency and investigate into the nature of the complaint as fully as possible.

We pride ourselves as a family business, whereby the owners are respectable members of the community in Leicester, providing quality ethnic food products and offering great customer service.

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