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Our new website to shop online for all Jalpur branded products and other groceries is now live. Here you will find our full range of products delivered direct to your door, so what are you waiting for visit NOW!

You will be able to purchase Jalpur branded pickles in the very near future, so please keep a lookout for the newest addition to our product range. Also please revisit our website to receive news of further new products to be launched under the Jalpur brand in the future.
We manufacture in-house all our own flours and spices and pride ourselves to be the only manufacturer in UK to mill such a vast variety of flours and spices in-house. We would wholesale these products to re-wholesalers who ultimately supply to other retail outlets nationwide. Our main re-wholesalers are based in the south of England, namely London area. However we do have a few re-wholesalers in Leicester and north of Leicester. Some of these re-wholesalers include:

  •  Top Op Foods - London
  •  V B & Sons – London
  •  Africa Import/Export – London
  •  TRS Wholesale – London
  •  Natco Foods Ltd - London
  •  Naynik Foods – Leicester
  •  Abbey Foods – Leicester
  •  P & B Foods – Bradford

We have our sister company, Jalpur Millers Cash & Carry, whereby we retail our ready packed flours and spices for our consumers. We also have numerous trade customers, who visit our cash & carry to buy products for their retail outlet, but we do only deal with minimum trade enquiries from our cash & carry, as we have other re-wholesalers who can distribute our products, so for Leicester purposes Naynik Foods and Abbey Foods distributes our products to local retailers. However we have many customers who retail our products in their own stores nationwide, and may wholesale if the demands are present for their particular area/market. Some of these retailers include:

  •  V B & Sons – London
  •  Quality Foods – London
  •  Nita Cash & Carry – London
  •  TRS Cash & Carry – London
  •  A1 Cash & Carry – Leicester
  •  Popat Stores - Leicester
  •  Ashton Sweet Mart – Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire
  •  Masaka General Stores – Birmingham
  •  Jai Jalaram Stores – Birmingham
  •  Mullaco Foods – Batly, West Yorkshire
  •  Mullacos of Dewsbury – Dewsbury, West Yorkshire
  •  Selected Tesco Stores nationwide

If you have any questions or trade enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us now through our enquiries page. If you are in the areas shown above for re-wholesalers then please contact them directly as they may be able to supply to you for much less inconvenience.

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